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Donuts With Santa!

Elves needed for "Donuts with Santa"!

Santa needs volunteers to help out at his "Donuts with Santa" event on Sunday, December 10th. Students that help will receive community service hours for chipping in to this event which benefits the ESM Marching Band, Winter Percussion, and Winter Guard programs.

Click to sign up below. Shifts are from 8am-10:30am, 10:30am to 1:30pm, or 8am to 1:30pm


Booster Holiday Party!


Parents and Friends, December is the perfect time to see what the booster meetings are all about because right afterward we'll have our annual Booster Holiday Party! Come meet other parents and enjoy some holiday treats!

If you're able to bring a beverage, appetizer or dessert to share at the party, click the button below and sign up!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

I'll Bring a Food or Beverage!

Anthony Veiga

Anthony Veiga

Band Director


The East Syracuse Minoa Spartan Marching Band has a long tradition of creating confident young adults through music, dance, discipline and teamwork. The band is a member of the New York State Field Band Conference and currently competes in the Small School 2 Division. The Spartans have 7 New York State Championships, most recently in 2017.

The East Syracuse Minoa Spartan Marching Band consists of students in grades 7 through 12. The program's existence enables members to become better performers and experience the benefits of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. It is the responsibility of each member to work diligently toward raising the band's level of excellence. To achieve this goal, band members are expected to participate in activities to the fullest degree and make the most of every rehearsal moment. Participation in the activities that help foster and support the organization is also a rewarding experience. Achieving these goals has allowed the ESM Marching Band to enjoy a rich and proud history.

Band Boosters

Next Booster Meeting:
Thursday, December 7th at 6:30pm
ESM High School Library

President Christi Buffum
Vice President Anne Hogle
Co-Treasurer Cathy Green
Co-Treasurer Kelly Rich
Secretary Kenny Vega


The East Syracuse Minoa Spartan Marching Band and Winter Guard Booster Organization, Inc. or, "Band Boosters" for short is a 501(c)(3) Organization. Our purpose is to create and develop public interest in, and provide support for, the activities of the East Syracuse-Minoa Spartan Marching Band, Winter Guards and Winter Percussion Ensemble. The Boosters normally meet on the first Thursday of every month at the High School, usually in the Library and parents are encouraged to attend these meetings. Exact dates can be found on our calendar.

Spartan Calendar


Registration for all of our groups is done with FamilyId through the ESM School District.
Your information is kept in confidence and is secure.

Little Beatz Percussion Club

Open to grades 4-8


Registration Open
Until December 11, 2023

Parade Band
Parade Band

Open to grades 6-12


Registration Opens
April 2024

Marching Band

Open to grades 7-12


Registration Opens
May 2024

Winter Percussion

Open to grades 7-12


Registration Opens
November 2024

Varsity Winter Guard*

Open to grades 7-12


Registration Opens
November 2024

JV Winter Guard

Open to grades 6-9


Registration Opens
November 2024

Little Spinz Color Guard Club

Open to grades 3-5


Registration Opens
November 2024

15 New York State
in the Marching Arts


Marching Band


Winter Percussion


Varsity Winter Guard


JV Winter Guard

Spartan Marching Band History

Here's where the Marching Band placed at Championships each year since they started competing in 1972:

Year Class Place Director Drum Major(s)
2023 SS2 2nd Anthony Veiga Lindsey Green
2022 SS1 8th Anthony Veiga Lindsey Green
2021 SS1 5th Anthony Veiga
Gibs Flock (Interim)
Malaki Buecheler
2020 SS1 No Competitive Season Matt Acenowr None
2019 SS1 2nd Matt Acenowr Tobias Buecheler
Aaron Stoner-Hilleges
2018 SS1 3rd Matt Acenowr Tobias Buecheler
Aaron Stoner-Hilleges
2017 SS1 1st Gibs Flock Noah Labbate
2016 SS1 2nd Gibs Flock Peter Hager
2015 SS1 1st Gibs Flock Peter Hager
2014 SS1 3rd Gibs Flock Leah Haines
2013 SS1 5th Gibs Flock Leah Haines
2012 SS1 4th Gibs Flock Carrie Ratkowski
2011 SS1 3rd Gibs Flock Kate Beebe
2010 SS1 3rd Gibs Flock Thomas Haines
2009 SS1 2nd Gibs Flock Thomas Haines
2008 SS1 3rd Gibs Flock Kathryn Davis
2007 SS1 6th Gibs Flock Kathryn Davis
2006 SS1 8th Gibs Flock Kathryn Davis
2005 SS1 3rd Gibs Flock Shannon Sly
2004 SS1 5th Gibs Flock Shannon Sly
2003 SS1 5th Gibs Flock Sam Moreno
2002 SS1 2nd Gibs Flock Chris Tarolli
2001 SS1 3rd Gibs Flock Chris Tarolli
2000 SS1 3rd Gibs Flock Erin Riley
Jim Garrisi
1999 SS1 2nd Gibs Flock Erin Riley
Jim Garris
1998 AAA 2nd Gibs Flock Adrienne Stoddard
Chris Montana
1997 AAA 3rd Gibs Flock Adrienne Stoddard
Chris Montana
1996 AAAA 6th Gibs Flock Tim Ferguson
Chris Montana
1995 AAA 6th Gibs Flock Tim Ferguson
Melissa Sharino
1994 AAA 4th Gibs Flock Ed Owens
Emily Rauer
1993 AA 1st Gibs Flock Ed Owens
Emily Rauer
1992 A 1st Gibs Flock Nicki Schantz
Ed Owens
1991 A 1st Gibs Flock Nicki Schantz
Ed Owens
1990 A 2nd Gibs Flock Dale Grant
Nicki Schantz
1989 A 2nd Gibs Flock Kim Montana
1988 AA 5th Joe Fillo Jackie Duda
1987 AA 5th Jim Nolan Melanie Andrus
1986 AA 7th Jim Nolan Julie Curulla
1985 AA 5th Steve Culhane Julie Curulla
1984 AA 8th Steve Culhane Carol Eggert
1983 AA 13th Steve Culhane Beth Jones
1982 AA 12th Steve Culhane Allen Richards
Beth Jones
1981 A 5th Jeffrey Patchen Maryanne Mastrobatistto
Jim Gresko
1980 A 2nd Jeffrey Patchen Eric Danes
Jim Gresko
1979 A 1st Jeffrey Patchen Don Massenzio
Tony Mastrobatistto
1978 A 1st Jeffrey Patchen Don Massenzio
Tony Mastrobatistto
1977 A 7th Jeffrey Patchen Dennis Eischen
Laurie Danboise
1976 B 3rd Jeffrey Patchen Dennis Eischen
Laurie Danboise
1975 B Did Not Compete Jim DeLuca
Matt Scipione
1974 A 5th Dick Cangemi Janice Klodowski
1973 A Exhibition Dick Cangemi Joe Cafarchio
Janice Klodowski
1972 A 4th Dick Cangemi Joe Cafarchio


All ESM students entering grades 7 through 12 and guard members (who must audition) entering grades 7-12 are eligible for the ESM Spartan Marching Band. Students must be in good academic standing to remain on the marching band and/or winter groups.

Marching band practices at ESM High school in the evenings beginning in Early July and generally runs two nights a week from 6-9 p.m. Band Camp weeks (held at the high school) are in mid-August and are our most intensive sessions where most of the show is taught. Once school begins, the band practices two nights a week and Saturdays prior to competitions in the months of September and October. See the band calendar for dates and times of practices.

Band competitions are held around the state on Saturdays in September and October, culminating with state championships at the JMA Wireless Dome at the end of October on Sunday. A band trip generally occurs during the regular season and is usually a four day trip with two of those days occuring on a weekend. See the band calendar for dates and times of performances, competitions and the annual band trip.

Marching band members need to cover the cost of some supplies such as shoes, gloves, and instrumental needs as well as the cost of the annual band trip. Most of the money required for marching band is raised through fundraising efforts by the booster club and the marching band members. There are ample opportunities to fund raise including bottle drives, merchandise sales, and working at the JMA Wireless Dome concession stand. Many members and their families raise all the money needed for the annual band trip through fundraising.

YES! In fact, after each student's first full season of marching band, they each receive a varsity letter at the annual end of season banquet. Each subsequent year, they receive a chevron commemorating successful completion of another season. With Grade 7 being the first eligible year to join, if a student participates each year through their senior year, they will have a Varsity Letter and up to 5 Chevrons.

The ESM Marching Band Booster Organization has a meeting the first Thursday of each month at the high school (dates may be moved due to other circumstances, keep an eye on this web site for exact dates and times). At these meetings the organization goes over all activities, fundraising efforts, volunteer opportunities and more. The meetings are open to the public, and attendance by marching band parents is encouraged. If you have any questions, comments or even concerns, they can be addressed at the booster meeting or you can contact the band director directly. To have voting rights in the booster club only costs $1 annually..

Flock Scholarship

Gibs Flock

Gibs Flock
Former Band Director

The "Gibs Flock Character of Excellence" Scholarship is awarded to a graduating ESM senior each year, not based on musical ability, not based on spinning or marching ability, but based on character. The scholarship is awarded to a student who has demonstrated compassion and acceptance of others and who shows extraordinary potential for making positive influences in their school and community in the future. The intention of the scholarship award is to be a reflection of the character and of selfless giving that Gibs Flock shared with this organization in his 29 years of service as our Band Director.

Since 2018, $1,000 has been awarded to each of the following deserving students from this scholarship fund:

Class of 2023 - Jordan McNally

Class of 2022 - Olivia Nissen

Class of 2021 - America Carhart

Class of 2020 - Katherine Kirkgasser

Class of 2019 - Elijah Buck

Class of 2018 - Sean Anderson

Please consider making a donation to this scholarship fund to help ensure it continues to be awarded to deserving students well into the future. Thank you!

Click to donate!